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Header Icon Box (PRO)

This is a premium feature, available with Customify Pro.

You would need to activate the module from Appearance > Customify Options  > Header and Footer Builder Booster.

After activating a module click on Customize > Header  option to get started. Drag Icon Box item into a header row to add it and then click to gear icon to open item settings.

Adding an item information

  • Click +Add an item to add a new icon box info.
  • Click the arrow to open item info.
  • Add your title, subtitle, icon and link.

Icon Box settings

  • Item Typography: Advanced typography settings, e.g. font size, font family,…
  • Item Styling: Advanced styling settings for the item, e.g. color, background, border,…
  • Icon Size: Set icon size.
  • Icon Padding: Set icon padding.
  • Item Icon Styling: Advanced styling settings for the icon, e.g. color, background, border,…
  • Display Align: Set items align.
  • Display as vertical in menu sidebar.