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Header Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart adds a site wide basket icon/text that displays the number of products in the cart.

Go to Customize => Header and drag the Shopping Cart to any position you want:

Then click the Shopping Cart item to change the following options:

  • Label: The text shows in the header before price. For example: Cart
  • Icon: The cart icon.
  • Icon Position: The cart icon will show after or before the price.
  • Link to: Select the page you will redirect to when clicking the cart item. Normally is Cart page.
  • Show Label: Show or hide the label of cart item.
  • Sub Total: Show or hide the sub total price in the cart dropdown.
  • Quantity: Show or hide the quantity number.
  • Styling: Adjustment the cart color, background, border, box shadow, etc…
  • Typography: Adjustment the cart font family, size, etc…
  • Icon Settings: Adjustment the cart icon and quantity size, color, etc…
  • Dropdown Settings: Change the width of the cart dropdown and select alignment, left or right.