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Page Header

The Page Header is the horizontal bar that sits directly below the menu/header and contains the page/post title text, as well as a tagline. You can design attractive Page Header area with background color/image to suit your design on each page, post, blog post, category, archive, search or 404 page.

You can find this option in the Customizer on Appearance → Customize → Layouts → Page Header  and individual options in the Customify Settings found in all pages and posts that will override global settings.

Setup The Page Header Globally

The Customify supports 2 types of page header:

  • Titlebar
  • Cover Background


The Customify support the title bar setting for all page, post, category, index, search, archive, singular and 404 page. You would need to open the Display setting to activate this.

Easily change the title or tagline text in Title & Tagline setting.

And you can enable and align the title & tagline in Titlebar Settings section.

Cover Background

Under the Display tab, choose the Cover setting for each page/post type you need.

There are several options help you can add the cover background, overlay color, change the height, enable and align the title and tagline easily in Cover Settings section.

Set The Page Header Per Page/Post (PRO)

Step 1 – Create a new page or post or edit an existing one.

Step 2 – Scroll down the page to find the ‘Customify Setting’ box.

Step 3 – In this box, there are several options that you can set to customize the page title bar per page or post. You can show or hide the page title bar per page/post, enter custom title text or tagline text, choose custom background image. All of those options will take effect for the individual page or post you set them on.

Step 4 – When finished, make sure to save the page or post by clicking the ‘Publish’ button.