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TypeKit Fonts

Note: The Typekit recently updated their API and the Customify Typekit module does not work properly now, so our developers are working on this to fix this issue. We’re sorry for inconveniences.


Typekit Fonts module allows you to add Typekit fonts and use them on your Customify powered websites.

This is a premium module, available with Customify Pro. This instruction briefly explains how to setup and configure Typekit Fonts features.

Active Module

You would need to activate the module from Appearance > Customify Options > Tyekit Fonts

  1. Active Typekit module.
  2. After module activated you can see Settings link below the module description.

Enter your Typekit API Tokens:( You can get the Typekit API Tokens Here from your Typekit Account ) then hen hit Save Changes button to load kit IDs.

You can swicth between your kits by select Typekit Kit ID then hit Save Changes button to change your fonts.

After Typekit Fonts setup completed you can select the font family and start using it in typography settings and custom CSS.