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Header Button

Styling your Buttons is painlessly simple. Just use our custom Header Button Builder to customize and style your buttons without the need to use a shortcode.

To display a button on your header, you need add button item to a header row. And then click to gear icon to open button customize.

  • Text: Button Label.
  • Icon: Add/Change button icon by click to the icon field, a icons panel will show, click to icon which you want to chose.
  • Icon Position: Chose icon display before or after button label.
  • Link: Button link, it can be an url, mailto action, tel button,…
  • Open link in new window: Open button url in new tab, if the the button will have an attribute target=”_blank”.
  • Typography: Advanced typography for your button.
  • Styling: Advanced styling for your button, you can customize button color, background, hover color, hover background, … for your button.