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Header Social Icons

Need to add social media buttons to site Header? The Header Social Icons item lets you add icon links to all your social media profiles. This is a great menu to encourage visitors to follow you on social networks.

The Header Social Icons Item gives you total control over the appearance of the social icons. You can change their color, shape, and spacing and perfectly align it with the rest of the design.

Social Profiles

  1. Click to gear icon to open Header Social item settings.
  2. Click “+Add an item” button.
  3. Click arrow to toggle social profile settings.
    • Title: The social name, e.g. Facebook, Twitter,..
    • Icon: Pick a social icon.
    • URL: Your social icon url.
  4. Live preview.

You can also drag item to sort.

Customize Social Icons

  • Open URL in new window: open your social profile in new window when click to icon.
  • Apply rel “nofollow” to social links : Add rel=”nofollow” to your social link.
  • Size: Set your icon size.
  • Padding: Set your icon padding.
  • Icon Spacing: Set your icon spacing.
  • Shape: Set you icon shape, it can be circle, square, rounded or none.
  • Color: If you choose ‘Custom’, you can set custom colors you want.
  • Border: Social icon border.

Item layout