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Logo & Site Identity

To display Logo & Site Identity, you should add header builder item  Logo & Site Identity to a header row or column.

To open customize Logo & Site Identity you can choice one of actions bellow:

  • In Header Editor area find Logo & Site Identity item then click to gear icon of builder item.
  • In preview area find Logo & Site Identity item then click to preview name if item.
  • In the left panel of Customize page, click to Header -> Logo & Site Identity

Upload Your Logo

  1. Click to gear icon to open Logo & Site Identity Settings.
  2. Click to Button “Select Logo” or “Change Logo”
  3. Your logo changed in live view area.

Logo Retina

Your logo may display with low resolution in retina displays. So you may need a upload logo image with height resolution (x2 resolution). Let find the setting “Logo retina” and click Add/Change button then select your logo for retina.

Custom your logo size

If your logo is too big or doesn’t look great, you can simply resize it.

To resize your logo find the setting “Logo Max Width” click and hold mouse left button then drag to left to make logo smaller or drag to right to make logo larger. Otherwise, you can specify new logo dimensions by entering height and width values manually.

Site Title & Tagline

Change your Site: Find setting “Site Title” then enter your site title.

Change your Site Tagline: Find settings “Tagline” then enter your site tagline.

If you want to show/hide Site Title: Find settings “Show Site Name” then then select show or hide.

If you want to show/hide Site Tagline: Find settings “Show Site Description” then then select show or hide.

Logo Image Position

If item Logo & Site Identity are showing logo and site name or tagline, by default the logo position is top (Logo image disable above site name and tagline). If you want to change logo position, find setting “Logo Image Position” then select new position you want. There are 4 position you can chose are Top, Left, Bottom and Right.