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Header Menu Sidebar

Header Menu Sidebar is a header builder column, Header Menu Sidebar is hidden by default. Click to item Header Menu Icon to show menu sidebar on frontend. 

To customize or add items to Menu Sidebar: In Header Builder Editor click to tab “Tablet/Mobile”

Adding Items To Header Menu Sidebar

Add item to Menu Sidebar: Just drag and drop item you want to add into column bellow.

Customize Header Menu Sidebar

Customize Menu Sidebar: Click to gear icon to open Menu Sidebar settings.

  • Display Type: Display style type for your menu sidebar when sidebar show, available types:
    • Slide form left.
    • Slider from right.
    • Full screen with overlay.
    • Toggle dropdown.
  • Text Mode Color: You can set tex mode light or dark.
  • Styling: Advanced styling for menu sidebar, you can customize color, background, border,…