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You can find the Blog option in the Customizer on Appearance → Customize → Blog → Blog Posts . The theme supports several features:

  • Layout
  • Media
  • Excerpt
  • Metas
  • Read More
  • Pagination

Blog Post – Layout

The Customify theme includes various “Blog Layouts” for your standard post entries. This will allow you to show your posts in the default Post List or Large Post layout.

Default Post Lists Layout

This layout shows the image on the left and content on the right.

Large Post Layout

This layout shows a large image first and the content below.

More layouts will be available in Customify Pro version.

Blog Post – Media

You can change the media thumbnail ratio, width or border radius here.

Blog Post – Excerpt

There are some several types of excerpts:

  • Custom: Display a short text from your post content with the length you want.
  • Use excerpt metabox: Display a short text that you add in the Excerpt box of each post.
  • Strip excerpt by more tag:  Display the text before the <–more–> tag inside post content.
  • Full content: Display full post content on blog posts.

Blog Post – Meta Settings

This setting can help you show or hide some post meta on blog page like author, date, category and comment.

Blog Post – Read More

This setting can help you show or hide the read more button. Further, you can also change the appearance of button text, typography and styling.

Blog Post – Pagination

WordPress offers built-in functionality for post navigation. And you can show/hide, change previous and next text. You can also set the number of post to show per page.