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Header Languages Switcher (PRO)

If you operate a multilingual WordPress site, you may want to add a universal language switcher to allow visitors to switch between languages.

Customify supports WPML and Polylang plugins out of the box. Activate either one of them in your WordPress site to enable the language switching functionality.

Drag Header Contact Item into a header row to add it. And then click to gear icon to open customize settings.

Customize Header Languages Switcher

  • Display Name:
    • Language Names: Show native names.
    • Language code: Display language code.
    • Hide Names: Hide language name.
  • Show Flags: Show flags or not.
  • Skip Missing Languages: If your current page have not translated to other language.
  • Order Languages By: Order languages to display.
  • Order Languages: Desc or Asc.
  • Current Language Styling: Advanced styling for current language, you can set color, background, border,…
  • Dropdown Align: Set dropdown align to left or right.
  • Dropdown Width: Custom dropdown width.
  • Dropdown Styling: Advanced styling for dropdown box, you can set color, background, border,…
  • Dropdown Items Styling: Advanced styling for dropdown items, you can set color, background, border,…