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Getting Started with Footer Builder

What is Footer Builder?

Footer Builder is a visual builder which allows you to create a custom Footer design for your website easily. You will learn about:

  • Footer Builder Overview
  • Footer Rows
  • Customizing Footer

Footer Builder Overview

You can find this option in the Appearance → Customize → Footer.

  1. Footer Live View Area: This place display exactly what will see in frontend.
  2. Editor Area: Here you can add, remove, resize, drag and drop item to sort.

Footer Rows

Footer can be divided into 2 rows: Main and Bottom. All rows and columns have same settings but different positions.

Customizing Footer

In the footer editor area, we have added a few ready-made builder items. You just need to drag the item to any position you want.

Then click gear icon and the item settings will appear on left screen. 

There are 3 ways let you open a builder item setting:

  • Click the gear icon on Footer Builder Editor area.
  • Mousover on item preview then click to item name.
  • Click on builder item name on Customize area.

Resize and item

All items added in footer  row/column are resizable. To resize and item just move mouse to the left or right corner of item, when the cursor changed to  west-east-resize  then click and hold mouse left button then drag your mouse to left and right.

Remove an item

Just click on “X” icon on to close item.