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New in Customify: WooCommerce Features + Shop Demo

Hey guys! We have got some exciting news to share with you in regards to new Customify features and what to expect in the future.

Since our release on the theme directory a few months ago, there have been more than 50,000 of you who have tried Customify for yourself, and more than 20,000 of you who are actively using Customify on a daily basis.

This is a huge achievement for us, and a truly remarkable experience to see so many WordPress users get behind our vision for Customify as the most customizable WordPress theme on the market.

In this announcement post, we’re going to take a closer look at new features added for users who operate an eCommerce business using the WooCommerce plugin.

And at the end of the post, we hightlightOutfit” — a demo website that shows you all the new features in action.

WooCommerce Product Designer

First major feature we have added is a Product Catalog Designer.

Since visitors spend most of their time browsing the catalog for new purchases, it only makes sense that you would want to customize your product listings to reflect your overall design.

This new feature allows you to rearrange listings, choose from different view modules, and organize product display.

Mini Cart + Ajax on the Add To Cart button

Next, we are adding a new feature which many of you suggested over the last couple of months: mini cart, and an Ajax-based cart button.

Now your visitors can instantly add products to their shopping cart, and see the overall value of items they have added. Additionally, the Mini Cart includes a button for instant checkout.

Vertical & Horizontal product tabs layout

Our goal is to make Customify the most flexible and adaptive WordPress theme ever. As a result, we are adding additional layout options for displaying product tabs.

When customizing your Single Product pages, you can choose from a Vertical or a Horizontal style display for all your product information.

Product navigation

Product navigation

In this update, product pages now feature a stylish set of Next and Prev buttons to create a smoother product navigation experience.

Shoppers can browse products in a specific category without having to leave the product page.

Minimal Cart & Checkout Pages

Minimal Cart & Checkout Pages

We’re introducing a complete redesign of Checkout Pages to meet minimal design standards, and provide a more user-friendly browsing experience.

Our goal with this update is to ensure that your customers can shop as quickly as possible, without being held back by obnoxious design elements.

New WooCommerce Demo: Outfit

In order to give you a more realistic example of all the new features, we’ve created a custom WooCommerce-based demo called Outfit.

This demo includes all of the said features, and gives you a real-time preview of what to expect.

All Customify users get access to this demo site in the new update.


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