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Introducing Customify – The Most Customizable WordPress Theme

Today is our official launch day for the long-awaited Customify WordPress theme. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that Customify is the most customizable and flexible WordPress theme you can find on the market. Our approach to creating this theme is based on two core principles: customization and flexibility. We believe that anyone can create a world-class website without having to invest thousands of dollars in custom web design services.

Click here to start download Customify theme ยป

So, what’s so unique about Customify?

Customify is both a WordPress Theme and a WordPress Theme Editor. It’s a powerful styling platform that ensures exceptional design control over your website’s looks and feel. If you are completely new to WordPress, we have added several Site Templates that you can use to instantly add an authentic design to your WordPress website. And if you are someone who has worked with WordPress in the past, we are giving you the tools to maximize the design potential through our custom design editor.

Customify is natively compatible with other WordPress website builders. Meaning, you can use site builders like Visual Composer, Elementor, BeaverBuilder and others in combination with Customify to reap maximum design customization benefits. Our mission is simple; we want to empower WordPress users to gain control over every single website element in a refreshing and simple manner.

Introducing Header & Footer Builder

In our initial release of Customify we are putting primary emphasis on our unique Header & Footer Builder engine. This highly-flexible feature will help anyone to create a Header and a Footer layout in accordance to modern design standards. Great design is the epitome of pleasing user experience, and the first thing your visitors see when coming to your site is the header section. Why not give your users an unforgettable first impression?

The Header & Footer Builder is built around a real-time visual editor, with separate modes available for designing mobile headers, and site headers for different device sizes. E.g. You can have a custom header for your Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet versions of the site. This is something we have worked hard on perfecting in Customify. We want to give you the tools to craft beautiful designs for all modern devices and browsers.

A traditional approach to Header and Footer design would be to go inside the actual Theme files and make customizations using scripting. While certainly a good technique for editing site design, writing your custom scripts and theme files isn’t feasible if you don’t have prior programming experience. With Customify, anyone can craft a fresh Header & Footer design using in-built Rows, Widgets, and Theme Elements.

Our editor considers your custom design as the core Header/Footer specification of your theme. As a result, you will not encounter issues and design problems that commonly occur when modifying standard WordPress themes.

You can layer your Header/Footer design to consist of multiple levels, and you can add as many or as little elements in your Header/Footer as you like. Each element — menus, icons, images, etc,. — is seen as a separate entity, and has separate design options to give you absolute styling freedom.

Customize everything and anything

The native WordPress Customizer has its place in customizing your theme design, but with Customify we are taking it a step further to ensure that any website elements matches your desired structure. This means you can edit titles, icons, paragraphs, and other website elements with utmost precision.

Change colors, adjust custom margin and padding ratios, use in-built tools to adjust border design, and so much more. All of our Customization features are tailored for tablet and mobile devices, too. If there was ever a WordPress Theme Editor to consider, then this is everything you have been looking for and more.

Outstanding Performance & SEO Optimization

As a new Customify user you are not required to make any performance or SEO optimizations of your own. Not only have we built the codebase to reflect modern standards in performance and search engine optimization, the Customify theme works flawlessly in tandem with other WordPress optimization plugins.

Customify is free, now & forever.

Follow these steps in the GIF picture below to install Customify theme from your WP-Admin dashboard, or you can download the theme file here.

Try it out and be sure to let us know how you like it by leaving a comment below.


    • Kien Trong

      Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by.

      There will be a premium add-on for Customify theme for things like sticky, transparent header, more blog and WooCommerce customize and so on.

      Anything going well at WPNewsify?

      • Peter Nilsson

        Hi, Kien! Thanks for your reply. Sounds interesting. You have done a great job with Customify. I will give it a test run. Best of luck with the theme. Thanks for asking – Yes, WP Newsify going great.

  1. Grekh

    Since the WordPress Version 4.9.6 this template could not be customised in the Customizer. Options and Fields are missing ๐Ÿ™

    Could you please check this ?

  2. alvarez

    I’m using elementor with customify
    I make a boxed layout 1400px but elementor section do not fix fully side to side i got a padding left and right.
    help please

  3. David Tellier

    Hello Kien.

    How do I put social media icons in the top header (the one with “add customtext here or remove it”) ? I can manage perfectly text and colors with my dashboard, header/top header tab and html1 tab but when I try with social media tab, nothing appears…
    Please help.
    Thank you
    Have a great day

  4. Ryan

    I’m excited to use this theme but when I save in the “customize” section and publish…

    it won’t save when I go back into the dashboard and view page. Is there a reason for this?

    Do you have to buy it to save or is this a problem with my plugin?

  5. Himanshu

    This theme give a premium look to my website. There are lots of option to customise it. But I want to know how can i professionally done it?

  6. Wayne Junor

    I upgraded to the PRO version some time back. But I notice that the “Scroll to Top” button when activated in the footer “Does Not Work” . I ended up using the “PAGE” Scroll to Top in Elementor. This is Not ideal as it only works on the page, and Customify works in the Footer.

    I would much rather use Customify Scroll to Top in the Theme ! as it was intended for.

    PressMaximum – Please use this Scroll To Top link (button) on your OWN page and show US “Proof of Concept” !

  7. Lollly

    Hi… I love your theme. I found where the MENU ICON background for slider is and how to place Primary menu there. Never mind the last message I sent. May I know where I can just donate to your company. I am just starting with eCOmmerce and retired from the armed forces. I am 61 years old. A Baby Boomer.

    Once again. Thanks to your theme and your whole TEAM.

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