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The Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a plugin that helps your site customers to switch currencies and get their rates converted in the real time.

Main Features:

  • Automatic currency exchange rates updates.
  • Prices on per product basis.
  • Currency by country (i.e. customer’s IP).
  • Option to revert to original currency on checkout.
  • Price format options for each currency.
  • Option to additionally change order currency by admin.
  • Option to add country flags in currency switchers.
  • Exchange Rates API
  • Option to add country flags in currency switchers.

Plugin settings are located in “WooCommerce > Currency Switcher”. Plugin has seven settings sections:


Default currency : Display your default currency you are using.
Store user data : Store the currency under cookie or session.
Convert currencies automatically if missing currency country price : If disable the product that missing currency will remove from cart or checkout page.
Currency Countries (by IP): Change price base on the customer’s location automatically.
Cart in default currency : Force use default currency when customer on cart page or not.
Checkout in default currency : Force the customers use default currency on checkout page.


Currencies settings section lets you add which currencies you want to be in switcher.

Add new currency
Click to Add New button to add a new currency.

  • Select currency that you want to add.
  • Select currency position.
  • Thousand separator.
  • Decimal separator.
  • Number of decimals.
  • Rate.
  • Display name.

Remove Currency
Click to trash icon to remove the currency.

Sort currencies
Click and hold left mouse to move icon to and then drag it to sort your curreny.

Sync currency rate.
Click to update icon to sync currency rate from API.

Sett a currency as default.
Just check to default radio input in column default to set currency as default.

GeoIP Rulers

Detect currency base on Geo Location.

Define currency base on customers IP. This useful functionality is using by the plugin to show your site customers currency which you decided to show them on their first visit.

You can set the currency base on a country by select the countries for each currency.

Exchange Rates API

Exchange rates updates.
You can set exchange rates auto update for your currencies by wp cron – You can choose between:

  • Update Manually
  • Update Automatically Every Minute
  • Update Automatically Hourly
  • Update Automatically Twice Daily
  • Update Automatically Daily
  • Update Automatically Weekly.

Exchange rates server.
Select the server which you want to get exchange rate data.

Dependent on each server that may ask you API key or app ID.


  • Add currency switcher to the menu.
  • Menu Locations: Select menu location where you want to add currency switcher.
  • Show Currency Flags.
  • Display Name: Display currency name or currency code.

Currency switcher on the menu navigation.

Currency Switcher Widget

  • Title: Widget title
  • Display type: List or dropdown.
  • Show currency flags.
  • Display Name: Display currency name or currency code.

Widget display as list

Widget display as dropdown